Monday, May 19, 2008

God on Earth: "Gawkers, Mockers and Shockers" / Acts 2:12-21 / Mateen Elass

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When God powerfully acts in our world, many people do not have eyes to see. Many are perplexed, for they have no framework by which to make sense of what they are encountering. They are open to being helped, but unsure in their own interpretations. Others, who have written God out of the creation, cast about for the closest natural explanation for what they are seeing, even if their view makes no sense. But those who are schooled in God’s ways, who live in union with Christ, can not only see God’s handiwork but also make sense of how what God is doing fits into His master plan of transforming the world into His Kingdom. Such insight is usually shocking to the ears of the first two groups.