Monday, October 6, 2008

Spectacles of Glory "Who'd Have Thought...?" Luke 13:18-21 Rev Mateen Elass

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Most small and insignificant things in life end up in oblivion – lost, destroyed or tossed out. But some such things have built within them the surprising capacity to make a big impact on their surroundings: mustard seeds, yeast, the Kingdom of God. They start out small, hardly noticeable – the birth of the Son of God in a side alley of civilization, one man’s life tossed aside by the world into a nondescript hole in the ground – only to spring up into resurrection life that transforms the lives of all it touches and grows beyond all proportion to tower over the creation. Or like leaven that leaves no part of the dough untouched, the Kingdom of God moves relentlessly to penetrate the whole world and change it. We are part of a living movement which will not be stopped.