Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spectacles of Glory "Worthy of Invitation" Matthew 22:1-14 Rev Mateen Elass

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When God throws a party to honor His Son, and you receive an invitation, how should you respond? As if there is nothing more important in all the world than to be there. In this parable, such an invitation goes first to the “favored list” – the religious community of Israel. But they treat the invitation as of low priority, snubbing God to do other, menial, routine tasks instead. Some even abuse or kill the messengers to spite the King. In return, they are wiped out by the King, who then invites the least worthy. They are welcomed, clothed in wedding garments to participate fully in the festivities. What qualifies you to be worthy of invitation? The willingness to drop everything else to make this party the center of your attention!